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Greeting from the President

We, Hitachi Sakura Nihongo Gakko staffs welcome you here in Hitachi, Japan. Through your school life, we will support not only teaching you language but also the life in Japan with the utmost of hospitality.
We are sure that the experiences with us bring you a chance to work in Japan, till fly towards the world.
Your main focus is to lean Japanese language, but you will also have enjoyable features various extracurricular activities experiences of Japanese cultures. Let’s have a meaningful school life together in Hitachi.

Hitachi Sakura Nihongo Gakko
President Mr. Nirou Kato
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The students planning to continue on to Vocational School or University (Undergraduate) program

Course Introduction;

 1) 2 years (Begin on April.)

 2) 1.5 years (Begin on October)

Features of our School

・Basic; Use text book “Minna no Nihongo” building your Japanese language foundation

・Level up to Intermediate & Advance course

・Preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test; N2 & N3

・Quality Career Consulting for the students planning to continue on to Technical School or University (Undergraduate) program

・Intensive preparation for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)

・Event & Activities for learning Japanese unique cultures
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Requirements for admission

 1) who have completed 12 years of education at a school in a foreign county

 2) who completed 150 hours of Japanese language study (N5 or higher)

 3) who has No illegal stay in Japan (including family members.)

Enrollment Procedures

 1) Decide your course and Submit the application form for enrolment.

 2) Pay the tuition fee to the school

 3) The immigration bureau issue the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) after the examination conducted by them.

 4) School send you the COE

 5) Apply and obtain the visa from your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate

 6) Enroll in the school

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鈴木 奈々江(主任教員)


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梶山 栞(教員)


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野澤 眞貴(教員)


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グエン ゴック フー

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Cultural Activities and Events (School trips)

・ Spring (Tokyo, TDL) ・ Autumn (Local Ibaraki Pref.) ・ Winter (Skiing)
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Daily life support

Accommodation (dormitory); with Bedding, Air conditioner, Rice-cooker, Bike, Internet

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Part-time Job placement; Food factory, Restaurant, Convenience Store

Resident registration (Resident Card/Zairyu Card)

Joining the National Health Insurance / Opening a bank account

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About Hitachi City

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Location ; Tokyo to Hitachi 90min. by train

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More information

Hitachi Sakura Nihongo Gakko

1-7-6, Kashima-cho, Hitachi-city, Ibaraki Prefecture
317-0071, JAPAN

TEL :  +81-294-22-1201
FAX : +81-294-22-1202
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Board members

President; Mr. Niro KATO
Principal; Ms. Yumi SOYA
Executive Director; Ms. Atsuko SHUTO
Chief Teaching Instructor; Ms. Nanae SUZUKI

School Founded on April 2018

Members of Teaching Instructors and Staff; 9

Capacity; 100 students